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What You Need To Know About Sexual Consent

What You Need to Know About Sexual Consent

A lot of people do not know what consent is. Well here’s what you need to know about “Sexual Consent” especially MEN!

Sexual consent is an agreement to participate in sexual activity without which said sexual activity (including oral sex, vaginal sex, anal penetration and touching of genitals) is classified as sexual assault or rape.

What is consent?

Consent is permission and must be freely given and must never be obtained by persuasion, threats, coercion, under the influence or intimidation.

Consent must be reversible at all times, meaning that the person can change their minds whenever they want and this must be respected.

Consent can also only be valid if the person is aware of what the activity entails, for example consenting to vaginal sex does not equate consent to anal sex. The full picture must always be painted before consent obtained is deemed valid.

Consent is never implied, never assumed, must be specific, always enthusiastic and clearly communicated.

We must start educating ourselves on what consent is and what it is not so we can begin to hold each other accountable. That a woman is dressed however she wants at a party does not mean you have the liberty to touch her; no always means no regardless of the situation.

Don’t attempt to have sex with a woman who has passed out from alcohol or narcotic substances, she will obviously not be able to give consent. Do not grope women at bars, in public transportation, in clubs and other places that put you in proximity with women. Do not make sexual comments about the bodies of strangers in public and if a woman asks you to leave her alone, you should leave her alone!!

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