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The Passion Of A Woman.

The passion of a woman.

The passion of a woman lies in her strength; to love, care, nurture, help, cater, and monitor. The nature of our hearts is not of weakness but compassion for humanity. Women are huge contributors to a successful society. The place of a woman is not only home as it is generally believed. A woman does more in fixing society the way it should.

In this view, women deserve equal opportunities, rights, and freedom.
Cheers to women working hard to have these doors open to them without a compromise.
Cheers to the women doing all they can to fight for a better life for other women.
Cheers to women who have created a path that will be a walkway for other women to enjoy these opportunities.

Cheers to a woman that is passionate about women like Elina Augustine (CEO of Wonder Woman Nigeria)

Happy International women’s day!


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