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The Little Sister Project; Ending Period Poverty.

The Little Sister Project; Ending Period Poverty.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Period poverty is a situation that has received barely any recognition in Nigeria even though it is a growing concern. Nigeria is a conservative country where topics of menstrual health are often viewed as taboo. Women purchasing menstrual hygiene products usually do so with a sense of embarrassment, often lowering their voices to ask for extra plastic bags with which to wrap them in.

What is Period poverty?

Period poverty occurs when someone cannot afford proper menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads and tampons. With over 44% of Nigeria’s population living in poverty, period poverty is one of the leading reasons why female students routinely miss school. Nigeria also places high taxes on menstrual hygiene products. With a pack of sanitary pads costing up to N500, buying these products is luxury for many Nigerian girls leading in many unsavoury practices. In the rural areas and IDP camps, many girls use cut up rags which they recycle and even share amongst themselves. This unhygienic practice can lead to widespread infections affecting their reproductive health.

What is The Little Sister Project?

The Little Sister Project is an initiative which calls on members of society to challenge and change the status quo by providing menstrual hygiene products for the women who cannot afford them. The life of a woman is fraught with many challenges. Through this program, WonderWoman Nigeria hopes end Period Poverty in Nigeria’s rural areas and IDP Camps and lessen the burdens on the Nigerian woman.

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