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Privilege Should Be For Everyone.

Privilege should be for everyone.

Every child deserves equal opportunities- shelter, feeding, and education. However, fingers are not equal and life itself is not balanced in every aspect and to people.

Some find themselves in places where they have access to everything-absolutely all. Some can just go for a few while there is a greater percentage out there that are not aware, let alone be opportune to have any of those opportunities most especially education.

Coming down to the girl child, “she” is always at the receiving end of a society that does not feel the gender matter. In some of the families, the girl child is mostly asked to stay back while others go to school.
The belief system coupled with lack of enlightenment and poverty is the leading cause.

But in all of these, we can change the status quo. We can start by enlightening the person next door or your neighborhood.

Train the girl child by making their education paramount.
Help the girl child (who have no access to education for various reasons ) to school.

Wonder Woman Nigeria is on the path to making this change. You can also be a part of the greater good.

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