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Help The Girl Child!

Help the girl child!

Amina comes from a family of 10. Her parents live in a rural community and do not have any money or sustainable income. It is very difficult for them to feed and clothe. The only shelter they have is the house built by Amina’s grandfather from the paternal side.
Amina with her siblings attend a public school and despite that, buying school items like notebooks, uniforms, etc are hard on them.

When Amina starts menstruating, it will get messy. She can’t afford a sanitary pad. She makes use of tattered clothes which are certainly unhygienic.
People will make fun of her because her clothes will constantly get stained.
Her health is in jeopardy because of the tattered cloth she keeps using.
Her self-esteem will be affected due to the mockery she goes through each time her cloth is stained.
Amina will miss school.
Everyone would know that she’s having her menstrual flow.

How do you help Amina? There are a lot of girls like Amina around us. The best we can do is get them a pad and that’s what Wonder woman Nigeria do. You can also be a contributor, be more vigilant and you see girls like Amina in need of sanitary pads in your neighborhood.
There are reusable pads that can also be given.
Help Amina!
Help the girl-child!
Let us end period poverty !

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