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"Whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." - Martin Luther King From an idea, to a plan and now to an initiative in action, The Little Sister Project has progressed through the hard work of Wonderwoman Nigeria's team…

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Have we ever asked ourselves these basic questions:- What is education? Why education is important? What is the meaning of education? Is it a basic right for everyone? These questions still make sense and aren’t racist. However, asking that ‘Why…

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What You Need to Know About Sexual Consent

A lot of people do not know what consent is. Well here's what you need to know about "Sexual Consent" especially MEN! Sexual consent is an agreement to participate in sexual activity without which said sexual activity (including oral sex,…

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Girl Child Discrimination

Freedom from all forms of discrimination against the GIRL CHILD remains only partly fulfilled, and government and societies must galvanize efforts if true freedom is to be won. Policies and programs initiated must be duty bound to take into consideration…

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