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About Us

Wonder Woman Nigeria was established in 2018 with the aim to empower women and advocate for gender equality, menstrual hygiene, justice for rape and molestation victims and a general approach to a holistic humane culture that transcends gender, tribe, race, sexual orientation and other divisive lines in our societies.

Our Strategy Of Action

Our strategy of action is based on a methodology of the Three Thematic Areas, which work are integrated within the various projects and activities of the organisation:

Advocate For Gender Equality

We work on projects focused on eliminating barriers for women’s public participation in social, economic and political development and ending violence against women.

Menstrual Hygiene

Nigeria is one of the many countries where menstrual products are taxed, putting further strain on women and girls from underprivileged communities. We believe in promoting reproductive health, rights and development for women and girls across Nigeria, we advocate for easy access to sanitary products as a woman’s right

Stand to End Rape

We are advocating against sexual assault by offering prevention methods and psychological services for survivors. They advocate for rape survivors who find it difficult to speak out because of social stigma, and also utilize varying platforms to teach the communities sexual violence and abuse.


At Wonder Woman Nigeria we believe in Creativity, Integrity, nobility, originality and selflessness in ensuring that today’s needs are met for both women, youth and community, without jeopardizing the tendencies for future needs to be met.

The Little Sister Project

The Little Sister Project is an initiative which calls on members of society to challenge and change the status quo by providing menstrual hygiene products for the women who cannot afford them.

Plastics For Pads Project

Many women and girls are experiencing period poverty, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Throw global warming into the mix, and you’d realize that we have a severe problem. Plastic for Pads is an initiative designed to tackle these issues together.

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Plastics For Pads Project

Our Team

Edith Augustine

Anne Dirkling
Vice President

Namse Udosen
Projects Manager

Damilola Akintobi
Social Media Manager

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Northern Nigeria

Kaduna State.

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